Coalition for Career Development

The Coalition for Career Development was formed on February 22, 2016, when the the Global Pathways Institute and twelve other leading organizations joined together for national convening. Assembling at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, over 200 leaders from business, education, government and philanthropy examined how to make career development a central priority in our education and workforce development systems.  



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The Coalition for Career Development is committed to making career readiness a central focus of American education. We believe that providing all learners with high-quality career development would greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our education and workforce development systems, better meet the needs of employers for a skilled workforce, elevate the dignity of all work and help more young people achieve the American Dream.  




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We will work collaboratively with education, business, government and non-profit organizations to create a national movement dedicated to helping all learners become career literate and career ready. Our work will include communicating the value of career development; identifying and promoting best practices; organizing and conducting convenings; promoting research and evaluation; fostering collaboration; and creating innovative programs.  





1 – Establish a culture within education, workforce development, and the broader community to make career development/readiness a central focus. Career development is a process that informs individuals about career opportunities, helps them decide on the career for which they are best suited, and then determine the best pathway to their career goal.
2 – Encourage and empower business and industry – focusing on Chambers and workforce boards – to become leaders in career development by providing work-based learning opportunities, career information, mentoring and other assistance.
3 – Enable learners to pursue non-linear career pathways and employers to identify the potential of non-traditional applicants.
4 – Raise awareness of the dignity and importance of all forms of work.  




Why Career Development?

$1.4 trillion

in student debt. The average amount per borrower in $30,100.


of CEOs say they are concerned about skills and talent shortages.

1 in 7

16-24 year olds are disconnected from both school and work.


of U.S. college students don’t earn a degree in six years, producing the world’s highest college drop-out rate.

Bottom Line:

Many young Americans are not prepared to make an informed decision about a career pathway, do not understand the wealth of career opportunities, and do not possess critical employability skills needed to succeed in the workforce. All young people should learn about the economic opportunities available to them so that they can pursue and achieve the American Dream.



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The Coalition for Career Development welcomes individuals and organizations who want to join the Coalition. Membership of the Coalition for Career Development includes:

  1. Embracing the Vision, Mission and Goals
  2. The opportunity to attend and participate in the Coalition’s national events and summits
  3. Being identified as a member of the Coalition

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The Coalition is also seeking financial and in-kind support to continue this work. If you would like to contribute to the Coalition, recommend an individual to serve on the Advisory Board, or learn more, please use the form below.


February 22, 2016 National Convening on Career Development

Explore the National Convening on Career Development held at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on February 22, 2016.