Career Literacy

What We’re Advocating

At present, we devote almost no resources to “career literacy:”  equipping students with the knowledge, skills and support they need to make an informed decision about a career, and the best pathways to pursue that career. The costs of this neglect are staggering.  Many young adults aren’t even aware of careers that could help them achieve the American Dream. As a result, many make ill-informed decisions, and so often become part of the epidemic of college dropouts.  Even those who do earn a degree often end up underemployed, working in a job that does not use the skills they acquired in college.  Our failure to provide young adults with high-quality career information is also a major cause of the “skills gap.”

Global Pathways Institute believes we should make career literacy a central focus of our education and workforce development systems.  We are working to build a cross-sector national coalition of education, business, and community organizations to collaborate on making this a national priority. We welcome your involvement!


Call to Action

On July 1, 2015, GPI Director William Symonds gave the keynote address at the National Career Development Association Global Conference in Denver Colorado. In his address, he called for a national campaign to make career guidance a central focus of our education system. Scroll through the Power Point he used in his remarks to learn more.

Get Involved!

Join us! Please fill out the information below to get involved in our campaign to promote career literacy. In the “message” box, please explain how you’d like to be involved, and what you believe you could contribute to the campaign.